| Development of a marine high-voltage hybrid propulsion system with battery and hydrogen fuel cell. |
| Emission-free drive innovation for worldwide use in inland and offshore applications. |
| Official programme funding by Bavarian federal government from 2021 to 2024. |

The Puchheim-based Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH is pleased to announce a new clean and green project with Gilching-located Torqeedo GmbH. As part of the DEUTZ Group, Torqeedo is a market leader in electric mobility on water offering electric and hybrid drives from 0.5 to 100 kW for commercial respectively recreational use. Both companies are working together on an innovative hydrogen hybrid propulsion system building kit for maritime mobility, which will be able to deliver fuel cell powers between 30 and 120 kW and variable hydrogen storage capacity.

The project, with the working title Ma-Hy-Hy (Marine-Hydrogen-Hybrid), will complement Torqeedo's existing "Deep Blue Hybrid" drive portfolio with Proton Motor`s fuel cell technology. At the beginning of November 2021, Proton Motor already announced that the project will receive official programme funding by the Bavarian federal government until 2024.

Caption (cross-section): More than 10 years ago, in 2008, Proton Motor projected the world’s first passenger ferry “Alsterwaser” with alternative hydrogen fuel cell drive for the Port of Hamburg, funded by the EU programme “Zemships”._Proton Motor