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Climate-neutral, emission-free, sustainable and reliable – these are the products from Proton Motor. With our ready-to-integrate fuel cell modules and systems, you will always find the most environmentally friendly and best solution.

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As part of the corporate portfolio, Proton Motor transforms complex, zero-emission and high-quality projects into complete Turnkey Solutions. This includes the entire project management from planning, development and manufacturing to integration and subsequent maintenance services.

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Our Turnkey Solutions

  • Proton Motor „HyCube“

    The fuel cell technology product for emission-free emergency power supply

    PM - Schranklösungen

    With the product HyCube as a Cabinet Solution (In-/Outdoor), Proton Motor offers the complete solution for a reliable and emission-free emergency energy supply by combining an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system with a fuel cell system.

    Typical areas of application:

    • Emergency power supply for
      • Interlockings / Railway application
      • Telecommunications / Radio Application
      • Securing critical infrastructures
      • Industry and data centres

      In addition, many other applications can be realised in which an efficient and environmentally friendly energy supply is required.

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      The Proton Motor solution:
      With the HyCube, Proton Motor offers more than a normal emergency power generator. The In-/Outdoor Cabinet Solution is available in several sizes and can also be individually adapted to specific customer requirements in a variety of power classes. Depending on the application, the heart of the system is formed by one or more fuel cell modules from Proton Motor.

      By integrating and operating several modules in staggered or parallel operation, a HyCube can be individually designed and adapted to the performance requirements of common industrial applications. As a rule, a UPS system is integrated as an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to bridge the first few seconds. The long-term supply is then ensured via the fuel cell systems. The bridging times that can be realised in this way are only limited by the size of the hydrogen supply.

      A power grid failure, even in the millisecond range, usually leads to major impairments or damage. In critical applications, this can have catastrophic effects. Therefore, especially here, the emergency power supply must be 100 percent reliable. Fuel cell-based solutions such as the HyCube offer this reliability. In addition to the very high reliability, the low maintenance costs of fuel cell systems compared to conventional diesel and/or battery technology speak for the application of our systems as emergency power / back-up power or mains replacement systems.

    HyCube Fact Sheets (In-/Outdoor) plus Stationary Booklet_2022 (HyCube / HyShelter® / HyModule® / HyFrame® / HyScale®)
  • Proton Motor „HyShelter®

    The fuel cell development for safe and CO2-neutral energy generation

    PM - Containerlösung

    With the HyShelter® as Container Solution, Proton Motor produces the complete plug-and-play solution for safe and CO2-neutral energy generation. The HighTech arrangement with an integrated fuel cell system as part of the energy storage is used for green and reliable reverse power generation.

    Typical areas of application:

    • Energy storage systems based on hydrogen
    • Supply of critical infrastructure e.g. data centres
    • Industry and data centres
    • Self-sufficient energy supply

    In addition, many other applications can be realised in which an efficient and environmentally friendly energy supply is required.

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    The Proton Motor solution:
    In the initial phase of system implementing, Proton Motor has developed the new HyFrame® fuel cell system, which is available in four different performance classes and can be installed up to five times in a 20-foot HyShelter® Container. Through the additional integration of suitable power electronics, grid-synchronous operation can be fulfilled if desired by the customer.

    The HyShelter® can be customised, for example, as part of a regenerative energy storage system so that surplus wind energy is chemically stored with hydrogen. Combined with Proton Motor’s fuel cell systems, the stored energy can be converted back into electricity and heat.

    The fuel cells are each connected to the secondary cooling circuit via a heat exchanger. To reduce heat, a table cooler with four water/air coolers is connected to the system, which is installed outside the container. The output temperature downstream of the heat sink serves as the control variable. Furthermore, in addition to the necessary pumps, shut-off and drain valves, an expansion tank with integrated sensor for level monitoring is integrated in the secondary cooling circuit. The thermal energy extracted can be used without any problems in the sense of a combined heat and power system if the required parameters are met.

    HyShelter® Fact Sheet plus Stationary Booklet_2022 (HyShelter® / HyCube / HyModule® / HyFrame® / HyScale®)

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