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Climate-neutral, emission-free, sustainable and reliable – these are the products from Proton Motor. With our ready-to-integrate fuel cell modules and systems, you will always find the most environmentally friendly and best solution.

Fuel Cell Systems

Proton Motor’s integration-ready fuel cell modules and systems are an ideal building block for a green, sustainable and decentralised power supply, in which, in addition to saving costs, energy transport and resources, the waste heat can also be used on site. Our modular system offers the perfect and always most economical solution with selected components that are tailored to the customer-specific area of application.

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Our Fuel Cell Systems

  • Proton Motor "HyRail®"

    The H2 fuel cell drive innovation for CO2-free rail applications

    Hydrogen as an eco-friendly energy carrier is also a gain for the railways – and not only in passenger transport or locomotives. With regard to rail maintenance respectively service vehicles for milling, emission-free and noise-free CleanTech innovations are also in demand to respond to the ever stricter official regulations regarding environmental factors exhaust gases and noise pollution. In the context of the world’s first special railway construction machine with all-electric drive, Proton Motor developed the HyRail® multistack system in 2021.

    The clean “green” and emission-free HyRail® hydrogen fuel cell product is optionally equipped with single or multiple PM 400 stack modules as a drive solution. Compared to conventional rail diesel engines, the zero-emission HyRail® concept represents a sustainable improvement from an ecological point of view in favour of the desired CO2 neutrality.

  • Proton Motor "HyShip®"

    The new maritime fuel cell kit for the main power supply on board

    The main power supply for the zero-emission navigation: Proton Motor’s new modular HyShip® hydrogen fuel cell system is a 2021 product innovation for maritime applications. It was primarily developed for the power supply of the electric powertrain and other on-board consumers of passenger, cargo, working, military ships and submarines.

    The HyShip® hybrid arrangement is successfully formed by combining fuel cell technology with a battery system plus metal hydride H2 storage to form a functional kit entity that produces 100 percent emission-free performance on the open sea. The drive component can be manufactured with single or multiple PM 400 stack modules and is adapted to the customer-specific installation for overall implementation.

  • Proton Motor "HyModule® S4 / S8"

    The integration-ready H2 fuel cell solution as an alternative power generator

    The very high reliability and low maintenance costs of the integration-ready fuel cell system solution HyModule® compared to conventional diesel and/or battery use speaks for hydrogen fuel cell technology as an energy source in the context of an emergency power application or in use as an emergency power system.

    With hydrogen as an energy carrier, almost unlimited bridging times can be achieved by Proton Motor`s product HyModule® in the power classes HyModule® S4 and HyModule® S8 as a modern, emission- and noise-free power generator.

    Typical areas of application:

    • Interlockings / Railway application
    • Telecommunications / Radio application
    • Securing critical infrastructures
    • Industry and data centres
    • Energy self-sufficient residential buildings and industrial plants
    • Regenerating hydrogen from renewable sources
    • Off-grid energy supply (island solution)
    • Grid-connected systems for emergency power supply or grid support

    In addition, many other applications can be realised with HyModule® S4 / S8 in which an efficient and eco-friendly energy supply is required.

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    HyModule® S4 / S8 Fact Sheet plus Stationary Booklet_2022 (HyModule® / HyFrame® / HyScale® / HyCube / HyShelter®)
  • Proton Motor "HyFrame®"

    The modular and universal hydrogen fuel cell system for stationary applications

    PM - Frame

    The HyFrame® is a modular and universally applicable hydrogen fuel cell system for stationary applications with the Proton Motor stack module as hightech core element. The HyFrame® was specially developed by Proton Motor as product innovation and is manufactured to order.

    In addition to the installed stack module, the fuel cell system HyFrame® already contains the following components:

    • Supply units for hydrogen
    • Supply units for reaction air
    • Cooling circuit
    • Control
    • Voltage distribution

    Multiple HyFrames® can be connected and operated in parallel to achieve higher power.

    Typical areas of application:

    • Interlockings / Railway application
    • Telecommunications / Radio Application
    • Securing critical infrastructures
    • Industry and data centres
    • Energy self-sufficient residential buildings and industrial plants
    • Regenerating hydrogen from renewable sources
    • Off-grid energy supply (island solution)
    • Grid-connected systems for emergency power supply or grid support

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    HyFrame® Fact Sheet plus Stationary Booklet_2022 (HyFrame® / HyModule® / HyScale® / HyCube / HyShelter®)
  • Proton Motor "HyScale®"

    The integration-ready multi-stack system for energy supply up to the megawatt range

    The international energy market is currently undergoing a transformation process. With 40 percent dependence on Russian gas, special focus is placed on solar expansion in the domestic building energy sector as well as on the energy supply and security of (large-scale) industrial or critical infrastructures. For a quarter of a century, Proton Motor has been manufacturing alternative energy solutions using resource-saving hydrogen fuel cells. As a modular ready-for-integration multi-stack fuel cell solution, the newly developed Proton Motor product HyScale® also offers, for example, the advantage of using and storing solar energy independently.

    Current technologies often work with natural gas, which becomes negligible in innovative Proton Motor fuel cells based on hydrogen. By simultaneously implementing several PM 400 stack modules in a HyScale® system, customer-specific applications – also for power grid protection and emergency power supply – can be realised up to the megawatt range.

    HyScale® Fact Sheet plus Stationary Booklet_2022 (HyScale® / HyFrame® / HyModule® / HyCube / HyShelter®)
  • Proton Motor "HyRange®"

    The fuel cell solution for emission-free energy supply in mobile applications

    The hydrogen-based fuel cell HyRange® extender for battery-electric commercial vehicles and buses is an effective support for mobility applications in the power class 21 kw to 213 kW. The HyRange® system amplifies and extends the range of vehicles whose existing battery capacity is not sufficient for the intended operation.

    Typical areas of application:

    • Local public transport
    • Trucks & Transporters
    • Municipal Vehicles
    • Off-Road Vehicles
    • Logistics and Commercial vehicles
    • Airport apron applications
    • Maritime power solutions
    • Onboard power supply (APU)

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    The Proton Motor solution:
    With the best technological knowledge from a quarter of a century, Proton Motor offers fuel cell-based solutions for vehicle drives, free of noise and pollutant emissions. As the perfect partner for vehicle manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, suppliers of electric vehicle drive systems, vehicle integrators and operators of vehicle fleets for delivery and passenger transport, Proton Motor provides its customers with comprehensive and individual support in the layout, design and integration of fuel cell hybrid systems and in the development of fuel cell service networks.

    In order to compensate for the system-related disadvantages of pure battery drives, such as the high weight, short range and long charging times of the vehicle, Proton Motor presents the HyRange® as a sensible addition with our hydrogen-based fuel cell technology. Proton Motor has many years of experience in the field of fuel cell hybridisation in combination with batteries and also in conjunction with capacitor technology.

    The modular HyRange® system design allows OEM partners to easily integrate it into a wide range of installation conditions. By specifically adapting the power of the fuel cell system and the application-specific design of the battery, it is possible to vary between pure plug-in hybrid operation and pure range extender operation and optimally adapt them to the respective requirements. In this way, power outputs greater than 30 kW can also be easily realised by combining the standard assemblies.

    With specially developed simulation software, Proton Motor can thus individually dimension the battery, fuel cell and hydrogen tank/storage for almost any application. This can be done for an individual vehicle as well as for a complete fleet of vehicles within a vehicle fleet. For this purpose, Proton Motor offers a fleet analysis as a customised service.

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