The Proton Motor newsletter THE PM² about the first quarter of 2022 is under the impact of the humanitarian catastrophe caused by the invasion of Ukraine. The civil society, politics and economy want the aggression to be stopped (#standwithukraine). The necessary sanctions are already having visible results on the international energy supply and prices.

With a 40 percent dependence on Russian gas, there is a special focus on solar expansion in the house building energy sector. Proton Motor has been developing resource-saving energy supply solutions for a quarter of a century. For example, the new fuel cell product PM Module S4 will soon be offered, also with regard to building infrastructures for the independent use and storage of solar energy. Current systems often work with natural gas, which can be negated by Proton Motor innovations based on hydrogen.

You can read about the world's first energy-saving house from 2016 with our H2 fuel cell technology in the newsletter on page 4. In the summer edition, further possibilities for alternative security of supply for power and heat are presented. We are happy to receive your free subscription order for THE PM² newsletter service at