Electra Comercial Vehicles Ltd. is leading in the UK in providing a complete turn-key hydrogen solution for trucks. Electra is committed to helping eliminate air pollution by building full-electric and H2 fuel cell battery transport solutions. The company`s aim is to reduce the exposure of transport crews, drivers and the public to toxic chemicals and ultra-fine particulates.
In 2021, Proton Motor and Electra signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" for the joint development of the zero-emission fuel cell truck market in UK and Ireland. Under the MoU, Electra will act as system integrator for Proton Motor’s fuel cell systems into the existing electric truck portfolio. Electra`s Chairman and Founder, Sid Sadique, has been featured on the cover and in the lead story of Transport Engineer (November 2022 issue; pictured), which also reports on the co-operation with Proton Motor.

Batteries or Hydrogen
Already in April 2022, there was an interesting article "Truck Makers Face a Tech Dilemma: Batteries or Hydrogen" about the heavy-duty truck market, published by the New York Times. It starts with the dialectic that truck manufacturers are divided: some say batteries are more efficient, while others note that long-haul trucks can be refueled faster with hydrogen.
The ongoing "green" discussion on achieving the decarbonised mobility transition could have a significance for the video "Why American and European Trucks Are So Different?", which was aired by Truck Tropia, a popular truck YouTube channel, two months ago with nearly seven million views.

Caption: Electra built the eCargo Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle in the #cleanenergy project "The Road to Hydrogen". Power comes from 225kWh battery packs, which are charged by a Proton Motor 44kW hydrogen fuel cell fed by 20kg of onboard hydrogen_(c) Electra_Tim Wallace_AmbientLife