In January 2021, Proton Motor launched its partnership in the e-SHyIPS ("Ecosystemic Knowledge in Standards for Hydrogen Implementation on Passenger Ship") project, in which seven European countries are involved to define the new guidelines for an effective introduction of hydrogen in maritime passenger transport sector towards the accomplishment of a zero-emission navigation scenario.

Now, the new science document "Hydrogen-based technologies in maritime sector: Technical analysis and prospective" has been published. The team of authors consists of Mariagiovanna Minutillo (University of Salerno), Viviana Cigolotti (ENEA, Naples), Giovanni Di Ilio (University of Naples), Arianna Bionda (Polytechnic, Milan), Erik-Jan Boonen (Damen Shipyards Group, Netherlands) and Thomas Wannemacher as Team Leader Certification & Documentation at Proton Motor.

Side note: Proton Motor has been a sought-after technology partner for over 10 years with references to the successful commissioning of maritime fuel cell systems. In the coming week, the completion of another alternative environmentally friendly drive solution for 100 percent emission-free performance on the ocean will be announced.