| Innovative 142 kW fuel cell solution powers emission-free ZEUS ship type. |
| After technical acceptance and official approval, high-tech product is delivered. |

Maritime mobility of the future navigates with emission-free hydrogen fuel cell drive on board: The Bavarian hydrogen fuel cell specialist Proton Motor Fuel Cell is now successfully delivering its high-tech innovation HyShip 72. For the largest European shipbuilding group Fincantieri S.p.A., based in Trieste, two fully redundant HyShip 72 product designs were primarily adapted for the power supply of the electric powertrain and other consumers of the "ZEUS" ship (Zero Emission Ultimate Ship).

The hydrogen-powered propulsion solution is equipped with Proton Motor fuel cells, a battery system as well as a metal hydride hydrogen storage system. This eco-friendly H2 hybrid arrangement is the main power supply for the zero-emission navigation. The waste heat can also be used thermally, as intended for ZEUS, to extract the hydrogen from the metal hydrate. The core of a singular HyShip 72 are two integrated Proton Motor stack modules PM 400-120.

Caption: The current delivery of the new emission-free HyShip fuel cell system to Fincantieri confirms Proton Motor as a long-standing, internationally recognised partner with successful maritime references since 2008._(c) Proton Motor