Traffic on the waterways along the Danube is to be placed in the focus of climate-neutral mobility. The Austrian Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology has launched the challenge "Climate-friendly and low-emission government boats for the Danube", in which Proton Motor participates with its maritime portfolio.

The currently used 10-14 meter long service boats are dependent on diesel. The aim is to make a contribution to environmental protection as well as to the energy and climate transition: In the future, the Danube will rely on low-emission watercrafts respectively C02-neutral components! Currently, the voting is open and the submitted Proton Motor entry 100 percent emission-free performance on water and open sea can be provided with *LIKE* ("Support Solution").

Caption: Government boat on the Danube_(c) LinkedIn_Andreas Laux_IÖB Innovation Platform