In August 2021, the international Proton Motor customer GKN Hydrogen has placed another follow-up order as the company`s business unit of the "GKN Powder Metallurgy" division, as part of the well-known engineering and aerospace group To date, 25 orders have been received for the Proton Motor product "PM Module S8" for implementation into the innovative HY2 hydrogen storage system.

A first HY2MINI system was picked up these days in its green GKN Hydrogen container for transport to Down Under. Proton Motor wishes a good journey to its destination in New South Wales, Australia. There, in the rural area, hydrogen storage is a much safer and cleaner option over the common diesel generators, which have often already caused bushfires or have been damaged in natural disasters.

Caption: Ready to leave for distant Australia is the HY2MINI hydrogen storage system, in which a Proton Motor fuel cell is implemented._(c) GKN Hydrogen