| New 240 kW fuel cell power plant powers mobile hydrogen filling station. |
| Three PM Frame S43 systems in combination with xelectrix Power battery storage in HyShelter 240. |
| Follow-up orders for fuel cell power plant for off-grid power supply planned. |

Energy transition relies on zero-emission applications based on hydrogen instead of exhaust gases: The Bavarian hydrogen fuel cell expert Proton Motor Fuel Cell has now successfully delivered its key product innovation HyShelter 240. For Shell New Energies as a subsidiary of the international energy group, a new technology solution was implemented for the off-grid power supply of a transportable pressurized hydrogen filling station.

The diverse HyShelter application areas range from uninterruptible emergency power supply for data centers, municipal utilities, hospitals and other critical public facilities up to off-grid charging infrastructure for battery-electric vehicles. The core components of the trend-setting fuel cell power plant are three Proton Motor fuel cell systems PM Frame S43.

Caption: Proton Motor has delivered its product novelty HyShelter 240 in November 2021 after technical acceptance by the customer in accordance with the order._(c) Proton Motor