Proton Motor's new network "NEXUS-fc" has now received public funding of around EUR 1.4 million for the duration from February 2021 to January 2023. The project objective provides for the development and production of a grid-independent battery-buffered fast charging station with fuel cell supply for the project partner "In-der-City-Bus" as a company of "Stadtwerke Frankfurt am Main". The world's first version based on hydrogen fuel cells is used in this performance class to compensate for a lack of charging power from the grids for battery-powered buses.

In addition to In-der-City-Bus and Proton Motor, the Acherner "Schaefer Elektronik GmbH" ( with its expertise in the field of power supply systems for industrial applications and the "Karlsruhe Institute of Technology" ( are members of the consortium. The also Achern-based non-applicant associated partner "fischer Power Solutions GmbH" is connected to this by supplying a high-performance lithium-ion battery. Already in September 2019, both managements of Schaefer Elektronik and Proton Motor announced the joint venture "NEXUS-e GmbH" ( for the development and marketing of fuel cell fast charging stations for electric vehicles.

Caption: NEXUS-fc container design for battery-buffered public transport fast charging station with fuel cell supply.