At a hydrogen round table held in spring 2023 by Zentrum Wasserstoff.Bayern (H2.B), Bavarian State Ministry of Economic Affairs (StMWi), Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria, Renewables Academy (RENAC) AG and German-Australian Chamber, to which Proton Motor Director Governmental Affairs & Communication Manfred Limbrunner was invited, the message became clear to all participants: A transformation of the energy system, away from fossil energy towards renewable energy can only be possible with hydrogen!

Expansion of the hydrogen infrastructure
As an energy-intensive technology and business location, Bavaria is dependent on energy imports and will remain so in the future. For Germany's industrial perspective in general, political focus must be placed on the domestic market with decentralised energy supply solutions through hydrogen, fuel cell and electrolysis.
In addition to the recently presented new edition – announced for the first time in the summer of 2020 – of the "National Hydrogen Strategy" by the German Federal Minister of Energy Robert Habeck, Bavaria has now started the development of the hydrogen economy in Germany with a new funding programme called BayFELI. The abbreviation stands for Bavarian funding programme for the development of an electrolysis infrastructure. The aim is to expand the domestic hydrogen infrastructure and thus generate short transport routes and reduce hydrogen imports in the long term. As part of the "Bavarian Hydrogen Strategy", the programme has EUR 150 million in funding at its diosposal.

Caption: Bavarian funding programme BayFELI starts! Aim: Development of a hydrogen economy_(c) VDI Technologiezentrum