| Two "HyShip 71" product designs power Fincantieri's "Zero Emission Ultimate Ship". |
| New hydrogen hybrid propulsion system kit manufactured for Torqeedo co-operation. |

For the largest European shipbuilding group Fincantieri S.p.A. headquartered in Trieste, two fully redundant HyShip® 71 systems (pictured) were primarily adapted by Proton Motor for the power supply of the electric drive train and other on-board consumers of the ZEUS ship (Zero Emission Ultimate Ship). The hydrogen-powered propulsion solution is equipped with two Proton Motor fuel cells HyStack® 400-120, a battery system and metal hydride hydrogen storage. The clean, green 142kW hybrid arrangement is the main power supply for the zero-emission navigation and has so far received all necessary operating approvals such as "Harbour Acceptance Test" and "Sea Acceptance Test". The innovative ZEUS vessel type based on fuel cell technology is currently ready for departure in the port of Castellamare di Stabia near Naples.

Caption: Powered by Proton Motor fuel cell technology: The eco-friendly Fincantieri ZEUS innovation_(c) Fincantieri

Fuel cell prototype for project "Marine-Hydrogen-Hybrid"
The project with the working title Ma-Hy-Hy (Marine-Hydrogen-Hybrid) also contributes decisively to the 100% sustainability of the maritime energy transition in the transport sector. For Torqeedo GmbH as a market leader for electromobility on the water, the prototype of the new H2 drive system kit was finalised for delivery in mid-January 2023. Similar to the HyShip® product series, the core of the 71kW system consists of two Proton Motor HyStack® 400-120 with a single output of 35,5kW. The future-oriented drive solution with zero-carbon footprint is intended for worldwide use in the inland and offshore sector. By mid-2023, the testing of the functional Ma-Hy-Hy unit in the application configuration at Torqeedo will be validated and documented.

Caption: H2 matters for maritime: The Ma-Hy-Hy system in their midst have these project responsible (from left to right)_Thomas Wannemacher (Proton Motor/Funding Projects/Patents), Christian Zeitlhoefler (Torqeedo GmbH/Project Manager High Voltage), Dr.-Ing. Joerg Neugaertner (Wolftank Germany GmbH/Management/Hydrogen), Jan Bochinger (Proton Motor/Customer Project Manager)._(c) Proton Motor