Puchheim, May-28-2019 – The technology market leader – designer, developer and producer of fuel cells and fuel cell electric hybrid systems with a zero carbon footprint – Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH (www.proton-motor.de) from Puchheim near Munich, announces today that further to the recent conclusion of cooperation and partnership agreements and clear signs that the industry demand for hydrogen fuel cells is rapidly increasing, it has taken delivery of a stack manufacturing robot which will allow it to increase the production capacity to 5,000 fuel cell units per annum.


The manufacturing robot, a milestone in more than 20 years of company history,  relating to the project “Fit-4-AMandA” (Fit for Automatic Manufacturing and Assembly) was financed by the European Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking” (FCH JU) agency.


Proton Motor was one of five professional bodies that took part in the development and rigorous testing programme in order to perfect performance and manufacturing capacity of the robot.
In order to meet the further increasing demand in the coming years, the fuel cell specialist has worked with the robot manufacturer to develop further production capacity. By slightly changing the layout of the machine, the capacity can be increased up to 30,000 stack units per annum. Proton Motor Fuel Cell would like to assure all its supporters and those believing in its zero CO2 footprint: “We are delighted with this important development in the company´s progress as it contributes greatly to manufacturing ability and puts Proton Motor in a commanding position to receive larger quantity orders before the end of 2020”,  Proton Motor`s chairman Helmut Gierse said.


The company is ready and able with its “Gen4” stack module and the modular, standardized fuel cell to cope with the expected demand in this partially world saving industry. This contribution to the industry will serve mobile applications (buses, trucks etc.), stationary applications (power generation, standby & continuous power) and maritime (yachts, ships).



About Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (https://fch.europa.eu/)

The “FCH JU“ is a unique public private partnership supporting research, technological development and demonstration (called  “RTD“) activities in fuel cell and hydrogen energy technologies in Europe. Its aim is to accelerate the market introduction of these technologies, realising their potential as an instrument in achieving a carbon-clean energy system.

The three members of the FCH JU are the “European Commission“, fuel cell and hydrogen industries represented by “Hydrogen Europe“ and the research community represented by “Hydrogen Europe Research“ .



About Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH (www.proton-motor.de)

Proton Motor Fuel Cell is an expert in power solutions using Cleantech technologies like industrial fuel cells, fuel cell and hybrid systems with more than 20 years of experience. Based in Puchheim near Munich, Proton Motor offers complete fuel cell and hybrid systems from a single source from the development and production through to the implementation of customized solutions. The focus of Proton Motor is on stationary applications, e.g. back-up-power and energy storage solutions as well as mobile solutions such as back-to-base applications. The solutions can also be used in the maritime and rail sectors. The product portfolio consists of base fuel cell systems, standard complete systems, as well as customized systems.


Proton Motor serves customers in IT, telecoms, public infrastructure and healthcare sectors in Germany, Europe and Middle East with power supply solutions for DC / AC power demand. In addition to power supply, SPower also offers solutions for solar systems as well as a new product line for solar energy storage.


Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH under management of CEO Dr. Faiz Nahab is wholly owned subsidiary of Proton Power Systems PLC (www.protonpowersystems.com) from Newcastle upon Tyne. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange since October 2006 (code: PPS).




Board of Directors Proton Power Systems PLC:

Dr. Faiz Nahab, CEO

Helmut Gierse, Chairman

Sebastian Goldner, CTO/COO (s.goldner@proton-motor.de)

Roman Kotlarzewski, CFO (r.kotlarzewski@proton-motor.de)

Manfred Limbrunner, Director Sales & Marketing (m.limbrunner@proton-motor.de)



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