The Hydrogen Alliance Bavaria is a joint networking, knowledge and interest platform of now 273 hydrogen actors from industry, science and politics with a headquarters in Bavaria. The alliance is supported by the Zentrum Wasserstoff.Bayern (H2.B) with whom Proton Motor has been in partnership since its foundation in 2019. All alliance partners agree to support Bavaria’s competence in the field of emission-free hydrogen technologies and the activities of H2.B.

For this reason, Proton Motor was involved in the Week of Hydrogen. On July 1, the congress on the topic Hydrogen – Future opportunity for our region with accompanying exhibition was conceived at the Augsburg Technology Center. Hydrogen will be the energy of the future, as a prognosis and statement at the same time. This is a chance to slow down climate change. Innovations, new technologies and services are needed. In this way, a new global market of billions is created.