As part of the "Climate and Transformation Fund", the German Government is providing EUR 117.5 billion for the period 2023-2026 to promote climate protection and the energy transition. The intention is to support eco-friendly, reliable and affordable energy supply solutions to achieve the climate goals.

The establishment and expansion of the hydrogen industry and the further development of electromobility, including the charging infrastructure, are of course on the main agenda at this year's Hydrogen World Expo on 19 and 20 October. As a high-tech specialist since 1998 and live exhibitor in Bremen with booth no. 9950, Proton Motor is also currently experiencing a high demand for energy efficiency applications in the building sector through hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Caption: The HyScale® fuel cell system as an efficient multi-stack solution is an example from the new Proton Motor Hy brand portfolio for hydrogen-based stationary energy supply._(c) Proton Motor