Proton Motor provides technical insight into its new HyRail® fuel cell system for climate-friendly railway mobility

German hydrogen fuel cell expert Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH is enabling train and engineering manufacturers, as well as integrators and SMEs, to realize emission-free fuel cell electric drives through its new fuel cell system HyRail®. The world's first rail milling machine with hydrogen fuel cell drive is based on Proton Motor‘s HyRail® fuel cell system. For an Austrian client, the customized fuel cell solution with an installed power of 214 kW was successfully produced and delivered in summer 2021.

Especially in subway tunnels, the high-performance milling machine type represents an improvement from an ecological point of view in favor of the desired CO2 neutrality. In addition, the health risk of the operating crew in the track benefits from the zero-emission milling concept, in which the dust pollution – in contrast to previous model series – is eliminated.

Caption: Proton Motor’s new HyRail® fuel cell system for a rail milling train with (in the underfloor area) installed power of 214 kW is an example for modern railway mobility._(c) Proton Motor