I Hydrogen fuel cell system produces uninterruptible emergency power. I

Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH announces the latest successfully implemented project management for its premium product HyFrame® in the power interval of 28 kW. The company H2tec AG has installed this in the "Neuenhof Tunnel" in the canton of Aargau on behalf of the Swiss federal highway authority ASTRA. In the event of a power failure, the emission-free hydrogen fuel cell solution temporarily supplies emergency power to the necessary lighting, signalling and ventilation related to safety parameters.

Dr. Faiz Nahab states as CEO of Proton Motor: "For the safety aspect in road tunnels that need to be equipped with uninterruptible power supply units, the HyFrame® S28 system provides a professional technology answer. The demand for hydrogen fuel cells in the road infrastructure segment illustrates the importance for clean energy from renewable sources."

Caption: Proton Motor's Hy-brand portfolio for stationary, automotive, maritime and rail with the HyFrame® development innovation at the top right: Fuel cells in combination with hydrogen have significant advantages over batteries and diesel generators in terms of service and maintenance. They also comply with modern emission protection regulations because their energy density and variety of applications are completely green, sustainable and climate-neutral._(c) Attractive Media