As more and more coastal areas and ports become subject to strict environmental regulations, it is important to push and advance the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies in the maritime sector. In this development, fuels cells therefore play an important role as they work efficiently, quietly and without emissions.

Between 2008 and 2014 the world’s first fuel cell ship named "Alsterwasser" operated in Hamburg with a fuel cell system developed and designed by Proton Motor. Today at the 13th HIPER Symposium in Tullamore/Ireland, our Director Sales & Marketing, Manfred Limbrunner, will explain in his lecture titled "The Integration of Fuel Cells in the Maritime Sector for a Greener Future" the different materials in fuel cells and their limitations.

Caption: The FCS "Alsterwasser" was equipped with two Proton Motor fuel cell systems, each with 48 kW of power, which drive the engine via the battery's intermediate storage with an output of up to 100 kW._(c) ZEMSHIPS