| Multinational technology Group develops hydrogen plant at its headquarters in Dortmund. |
| Brand product is an innovative modular hydrogen fuel cell system in the stationary segment. |

For the Dortmund-based Group WILO SE as a global player in the pump sector, the European hydrogen fuel cell market leader Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH has produced its emission-free high-tech innovation HyFrame® S36 (pictured). The total of three orders has already been delivered. The modular and universally applicable HyFrame® S36 systems will be integrated as components into Wilo's planned H₂Powerplant, with which a way is cleared for more green energy.

Decentralised and decarbonised energy supply
As part of the new H₂Powerplant, the hydrogen fuel cell solution HyFrame® supports the climate-neutral production of storable electricity and heat. Proton Motor also accompanies the commissioning of the three systems with engineering know-how. In autumn 2021, three HyFrame® S43 were arranged as the core of the mobile Proton Motor container power plant HyShelter®. In addition, the infrastructural emergency power supply for a Swiss road tunnel is ensured with the HyFrame® unit.